“The last two years the snoring progressively got louder to where my husband and I could not share a room. Morning headaches were a way of life, and I felt like I could go back to bed at any given time of day. I was just not myself. It had got so bad that I was taking naps at work. Then I heard about the work Dr. Winter is doing with sleep, and I thought it could not hurt to see what this is all about. It was the best decision I could have made, the appliance he made for me has been a game changer in my life. The first night was a success. My husband was shocked and amazed. I did not wake up with a headache that morning and I felt well rested for the first time in 6 or 7 months. I would not dream of going to bed without my appliance. Dr. Winter and his staff are the best and they have truly changed my life.”

    – Liz, Patient


“I was diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea about a year ago. At that time I was prescribed a CPAP machine and worked very hard for close to 3 months to adjust to wearing the machine through the entire night. It was an obvious improvement to my health and I knew I needed to wear it, but it was not an easy process to adjust to the mask, the hose, the noise of the air pressure. I had reached the point of being able to tolerate the mask through the night but the noise did not allow my husband and I to sleep in the same room anymore. I also get colds and coughs often when tour nose is congested or tou are coughing the mask is not an option for any restful sleep. I would find myself taking off the mask because of nose congestion then feeling fatigued the next day due to the sleep apnea. It was a vicious cycle that seemed to have no end. Being fitted for a SomnoMed appliance after about three days with very little effort. I can sleep so much better without a mask and hoses to negotiate every time I want to roll over. The appliance also allows me to continue wearing it even though I have a cold and congestion. The SomnoMed appliance is much easier to take care of and maintain and especially to travel with as compared to the CPAP machine. I truly feel the SomnoMed appliance has improved my health because I can wear it consistently and address the sleep apnea and fatigue issues. I am an advocate of the SomnoMed appliance and would highly recommend it to other sleep apena suffers.”

    – Donna, Patient


“A few years ago, a doctor recommeded that I use a CPAP machine to combat my sleep apnea. But the buzzing bothered me, and I felt claustrophobic and uncomfortable trying to sleep with a machine. When I heard that there were alternative ways of combating sleep apnea, and that mouth-guards and other therapies could help, I was delighted. Fortunately for Manhattan, we have an expert close at hand: Dr. Daniel Winter, who is at the forefront of physicians in our state offering alternatives for sufferes of sleep apnea. Dr. Winter and his staff have worked extensively with me to help me achieve relief, and I now sleep much more calmly and comfortably.”

    – Naomi, Patient


“Several years ago I developed hypertension. My primary care doctor prescribed many different drugs to use, but they either weren’t effective after a few months or gave me side effects of numbness or dizziness. After about a year, she sent me to a kidney specialist who suspected sleep apnea and sent me for a sleep study. That report showed that my sleeping was at 85% rather than 90% effectiveness. He also prescribed a new drug, Tekturna, at 300mg. My primary care doctor sent me to Dr. Winter who practices sleep medicine. He tested me and ordered an orthodonic appliance to improve sleep apnea. I immediately felt a better intake of air and started to experience better sleep. At my last appointment to the kidney specialist, he reduced my Tekturna to 150mg, half of what it was. My blood pressure is stabilizing with the use of my medication and the orthodonic appliance and I am experiencing better sleep.”

    – Glenda, Patient


“I have had my sleep appliance for about 3 years. It has really made a difference in my life. I sleep better and wake more rested. My husband loves it. I no longer keep him awake with my snoring.

    – Judy, Patient